Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet Blog Award

I received this delightful blog award from jimlynn of Creative Crafts by Lynn! Thanks so much, Lynn, for this sweet treat! The first thing I need to do is list ten things that make me happy. They are: 1)watching my dog roll around in his shopping bag, 2) completing a card without having to cover a smudge of ink, 3) reading a good book, 4) relaxing in a bubble bath, 5) spending time with kids and grandkids, 6) bargain shopping, 7) traveling to new places, 8) the luxury of not having to work, 9) stamping with my Gulf Coast Paper Crafters, and 10) a day at home without errands to run!  Next I will need to share this award with 5 other bloggers! I will check around this afternoon to see who else needs this sweet award!


  1. Congrats!!! You definitely deserve this are always so sweet and faithful with your comments!! And your creations are just as sweet!!!

  2. congrats, lynn!--you totally deserve this praise! ( i can relate to your #2!:)


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